Essential Items for Every Family Car – Parents Take Note

Do you remember those carefree days when you could just hop into the car and set off into the sunset without a thought for what you had in the trunk? It didn’t take any planning, you didn’t have to worry about forgetting anything . . . it was all spontaneous and exciting.


Well, if you are a parent to a young family you’ll probably recognize that those days are long gone, they are firmly in the past and there’s no such thing as jumping into the car and driving anymore. Every parent will recognize the sheer moment of panic when “Junior A” is hungry and can’t wait a moment longer to snack on something, and “Junior B” is in desperate need of the toilet . . . and you’ve been stuck in a nose to tail jam for longer than you care to remember.
Whether you’re going on an extended road trip or merely driving across to the other side of town, here are a few things you should always have with you whenever you set off with children.
Towels and/or Blankets – both can work for a little extra warmth when needed, and towels are great for mopping up after thrills and spills.
Wet Wipes – I don’t know who invented wet wipes but I wish it had been me . . . they are invaluable and can come in handy for all sorts of situations from impromptu potty problems to sticky fingers.
Hand Sanitizers – are kind of like wet wipes on steroids and come in incredibly handy to clean up (and sanitize) grubby little fingers before they start munching on their snacks after playing in the park.
Umbrella – even in the sunshine state it can be impossible to predict the weather all of the time. Getting caught in the pouring rain is bad enough, but getting caught in the pouring rain with a couple of kids and no umbrella is unthinkable. Umbrellas actually take up very little storage space so why not tuck one in the trunk somewhere in case of emergency?


Toys – you should always have a few emergency toys on standby to keep your little ones amused. You might like to keep extra toys in the car for the novelty value or in fact always remember to bring some favorites with you on the journey.
Portable Potty – these are priceless when you have little ones who are undergoing this important life stage. Portable potties only cost a few bucks but can be invaluable in emergency situations.
Hats and Sun Visors – it’s a good idea to have a spare supply of hats and / or sun visors in the car at all times to protect your little ones eyes from the harmful sunshine. Alternatively there are some terrific window visors which can block out the light as needed. You should always carry plenty of sun cream or blocker too to protect their delicate skin.


Seatbelt Cutter – never mind when you are travelling with little ones, at just a couple of bucks every car should have one in case of emergency. They are small enough to fit in the glove box and can be used to cut seatbelts and break windows if needed in an emergency situation.
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