Getting Sleep Despite the Fact that Your Kids Drive Now

On one hand, we want our kids to be independent and not rely on us for getting around all the time. On the other hand, are you serious? Those who were so recently in diapers are now driving on the actual streets of the actual world in actual cars? But remember, there was a time when you were a rookie driver making your first turns and accelerations. So while there’s no denying that this is one of the most terrifying rites of passage for any parent, there are a few things you can do make it easier on yourself. And no we’re not suggesting locking your child in the basement but of course that’s the only sure-fire safety method.

Safe Driving Practices


Safe driving starts at Day One, or at least throughout most of childhood. You don’t have to be preachy or make a big deal out of everything. But if you lead by example (putting your phone down and checking your mirrors) and occasionally call attention to what you’re doing, your child will actually listen and pick up on some tips. I like to say things like, ok, I’m merging onto the highway, going to make sure no cars are in the merge lane, okay, now I’m going to quickly accelerate up to speed. You know, not making a huge deal, but enough so that they start to hear and understand what you’re doing. You’ll be amazed at what little tips stick in their minds for ever and make them safer drivers down the road, so to speak.

Safe Car


I don’t advocate parents buying their kids a new car, but you definitely want to make sure your kid gets a safe car. If they’re in some crazy sports car, you’ll never get another night’s sleep. But if you and the little one head to Nissan Downtown LA and pick out a used car that is middle of the road, so to speak, not too flashy, but nice and safe, you’ll be doing your best job as a parent. On Downtown Nissan’s website, you can sort by safety features and make sure that you and your child pick out a car that is safe enough for you, and cool enough for them.

GPS Tracking Device Installed


You’re probably going to want to install a GPS tracking device in your child’s car so that you can monitor where they are at all times. However, if you think I’m being serious and you’re considering doing this, you need to go read a manual on how to parent because you are a terrible parent. Seriously, you have to let your child go and live their own life otherwise neither of you will be able to love the other without resentment. Seriously if you thought I was being serious then we have some major issues and I wouldn’t be surprised if your child drives off to California at the very first time you let them in a car by themselves. Get a hold of yourself, man!