A Teen’s First Car


When your teen starts driving, it can be an emotional and stressful time. Whether you’re buying a car for them or they’ve gotten a part time job after school to afford a car, you have to make sure they get a car that they will be safe driving. New drivers are prone to accidents and you want a car that you know is as safe as it can be.


After safety, maybe the most important factor in a car for teens is cost. For most people, you don’t want to spend a great amount on a new car because the car is likely to be in an accident, but more so because insurance for new drivers is so high. When you factor in a new car to the already high insurance rate, it becomes hard to afford. So where can you turn to find a used vehicle that you can trust will be safe for your teenager to drive? The best option is probably to buy a used car from an affiliated dealership, like dodge dealer orange county. These dealerships often sell used vehicles that people have traded in toward a purchase of a new car. Used cars that are sold by this type of dealership are required to be tested before they’re sold. Any repairs that are needed must be done too. This means that when you get a used car from a dealer like OC Auto, you know that you’re getting something in the best possible shape with no problems that might rear their heads anytime. The car has been thoroughly tested by the experts in the service department and will make a great first car for a teen driver. Try a used car from OC Auto for your teen’s first car.

1997 Acura Integra RS & 1994 Acura Integra GS-R – Candy & Cream


Since the older saying goes, You should in no way assess a guide by its deal with, and therefore oftentimes things are not anything they appear to be. Considering the variety of factors in daily life that can be found, it’s very hard to pass verdict on something unless you make time to look extensively. In the Honda community, there are actually usually occasions when automobile creates can be misinterpreted. From encounter, we’ve constantly anticipated the aim-created competition autos to become a tiny difficult across the sides, where type and hygiene have been sacrificed in the interests of pace and strength. In cars that are dedicated demonstrate cars, we assume simply the cleanest setup of favor, leaving behind little room for mistake inside the eye of vehicle display friends and judges as well. For your personal regular daily powered Honda, you provide a small amount of flexibility in which the vehicles don’t have to be the fastest or look the most effective since, nicely, they may be pushed everywhere and deal with everyday complications with website traffic and abuse.

Once more, it’s easy to be misled as we’ve been taught to believe that we believe we all know greater than we really do. If you have a glance with the two Integras the truth is showcased conspicuously on these web pages, you’d consider these folks were very good buddies who constructed very related vehicles. They are the two Japanese ITR clones, with JDM Integra Kind R front end sales and a lot more. The two carried out for any similar stance and look, even though they have CCW wheels, although in numerous finishes. Because of their sparkling visual appeal, both are most likely weekend break present queens that don’t see a whole lot of street task. If it will be your initial assessment, effectively, you will be not completely incorrect; they may be in fact designed to appear like the Japanese Sort R, but neither are purebred trailers-biking display cars. In reality, they are faraway from it. The two just are actually nice and clean adequate to double as demonstrate automobiles and were actually constructed by two individuals who really have no idea each other in any way. It is merely a coincidence they have comparable visual tastes.

Kellen Maddox’s ’97 Integra RS

1997 acura integra RS shaved area moldings 04 ImageSide Moldings 04

Kellen Maddox is the owner of the ’97 Toyota Sandstorm-tinted Integra having a normally aspirated B-range installation that he brings day-to-day. He’s always had intentions of creating his Integra for everyday use, though he confesses he was over a split from Hondas after having a Civic robbed after which coming up yet another that had a new turbo set up. His boss’ teenage girl just took place to get offering 1, despite the fact that he’d in no way owned an Integra before. It was an RS version, so that it didn’t genuinely have a lot, and this was excellent for him because he got no intends to mod it. Naturally, as always, plans tend to transform quickly with all the urge to tinker staring you inside the face.

Maddox possessed preserved up a good chunk of funds in order to complete tattooing his whole left arm, until finally his tattoo design artist made a decision to bail on him. It wasn’t the very first time this possessed occurred, so he was all but finished with the thought of finishing the part. The funds begun to burn an opening in their pocket, and then he just needed to find a way to spend it. He made his way to the local JDM components dealership to simply check around, because he tells us. Yeah, it is likely you may have learned exactly where this narrative is steering.

1997 acura integra RS B18C5 valve protect 03 ImageAnd 1994 Acura Integra GS-R – Candy & Lotion

I was like a youngster within a chocolate retail store! he affirms. It didn’t help which i possessed a Ford Excursion with me that had plenty of room for elements. I had been inside a fog afterward while i identified myself reloading up my SUV using a JDM ITR front-end, whole inside, 5 various-lug exchange-it merely seemed like it was in no way-finishing!

So, throughout one particular afternoon, Maddox gone from through an Integra RS he never ever planned to mod to potentially experiencing his own Usa equivalent of a Japanese Variety R. The modding bug had tad him difficult, and he in the near future located themselves supplying the automobile to some local physique look for fresh paint. Even though the chassis was becoming massaged for any outside flaws, he ongoing to accumulate components. He presently experienced what type R experience, and so the next was, naturally, its center. He sourced a B18C5 generator with a full mind bundle from Inline Master. When the shell returned from fresh paint, anything that he accumulated went right into the auto inside the days that put into practice. Overall, the complete build got jointly in the mere 30 days. The greatest period of time in finishing his venture was waiting around for his custom Candies Teal LM20 rims to get built by Comprehensive Personalized Wheel (CCW), and in many cases that only required about 90 days.

Although it may look that Kellen created his Honda with haste, he’s been overjoyed regarding his vehicle to date. I really planned to create a nice and clean day-to-day driver that we might also pull-up to auto demonstrates and fulfills in, he claims. , although I have offers to keep track of the vehicle in the future As my pal Mike consistently informs me, ‘It’s a chance to keep track of that sh*t.'””, though i love just how the vehicle appears””

Mounting bolts & Washers



Inline Expert harbour/shiny/blueprinted tube mind

Inline Master Great Hewlett packard stainless steel ingestion control device

Inline Master Inconel exhaust valve

Inline Master two valvesprings

Inline Master titanium retainersv Private data: JDM Kevlar intake

JDM ITR exhaust manifold

JDM ITR exhaust

Blackworks analyze tube

S80 transmission

Levels of competition Clutch system Point 5

Rivalry Clutch system flywheel

Driveshaft Shop Stage 3.9 axles

1997 acura integra RS security password JDM kevlar ingestion 06 Picturechange sits in your own home in Kellen’s RS.


Skunk2 Expert C coilovers

Skunk2 entrance/back camber kits

Rook Industries M brace

Cusco H brace

Function7 reduced handle hands

Benen Market sectors rear tie up-pub

OEM ITR entrance distress tower club

OEM ITR back end shock tower nightclub

OEM JDM ITR top sway pub

OEM JDM ITR rear sway pub

Amount of resistance

JDM ITR 5 various-lug conversion

Rims And Car tires

16×8 20 CCW LM20

205/45-16 Falken Ziex ZE-912


JDM ITR HID front side-stop conversion process

Toyota 4U0 Sandstorm fresh paint

Shaved antenna, back end wiper, emblems, back hatch keyhole, part moldings

1997 acura integra RS absorption manifold 07 Photograph& 1994 Acura Integra GS-R – Candies & Cream


JDM ITR Recaro chairs

JDM ITR SRS controls

JDM ITR carbon dioxide-fiber evaluate bunch

JDM ITR environment manage

JDM ITR ashtray

JDM ITR lighter

JDM ITR cupholders

JDM ITR change boot

JDM ITR entrance solar panels

JDM ITR amber time clock

Security password: JDM brass knuckle shift knob

Black color suede headliner, A-pillar, rear quarter cup encircle, armrests

Alpine head system


My wife Ashley on her behalf full support or insufficient displaying stress through the entire procedure of not simply the construct but additionally week-ends invested at fulfills or displays as opposed to date times. Kevin Inge for usually being happy to go on pressing to get the auto done even with extended days and nights at the office. My sibling Kiel, who has been usually a way to obtain support when experiencing various concepts for colours or elements options. High quality Wheel ofVirginia and Woodbridge, for always retaining the doors available late at night.

1997 acura integra RS JDM ITR SRS controls 02 Photograph& 1994 Acura Integra GS-R – Candy & Skin cream

Operator Technical specs

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Automobile Specialist at Top quality Wheel

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14 several years

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I needed to build an everyday vehicle driver that may also be a very competitive present auto

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